In late summer 1775, King Stefen the First of Lamia revealed to the world that objects of their nightmares and folk tales – vampires and werewolves – were very much real. Panic spread among those who were hunted by these creatures until a dark cloud of fear became an everyday norm.

Humans did what they could to ease that fear over the years, including creating a singular town in the Northwest Territory of the United States made with one purpose in mind – to keep the creates of nightmares away from the human population. Two hundred and forty years later, Ryan Hutchinson lives in New Haven, Oregon, without fear of the unknown.

Ryan considers herself as average as they come. When she inadvertently discovers that her childhood friend in a vampire, she suddenly finds herself in a world she never imagined being a part of. A world she questions if she wants to know more about. But when the truth about Benjamin’s family comes to light, she discovers something about her own history that may just turn the tides in human favor.

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